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19 October to 30 November 2012, the well-known Swiss watch brand Omega (Omega) in Hayes Swatch Art Peace Hotel glory presented the Quest
· coaxial exhibition from the coaxial movement, components, watch The presentation critiques coaxial Omega outstanding development from
the road.
The Omega Quest · coaxial exhibition held in the Hayes Swatch Art Peace Hotel
Interpretation from the coaxial interpretations outstanding precision from the secret
Because the unveiling from the exhibition, October 18, Omega Quest? Coaxial Exhibition press conference held in Hayes Swatch Art Peace
Hotel. Omega International CEO Ouke China (Stephen Urquhart), Omega Far East, vice president of sales and travel retail company Carlos?
Cardenas (Carlos Cardenas), Omega China, Yang Hua, vice president, the Omega item management division is accountable individuals Gregory
? Qi Silin (Gregory Kissling) come to attend.
The Omega Quest · coaxial exhibition held in the Hayes Swatch Art Peace Hotel
Omega International CEO Ouke China, stated: Because the globe s only watchmaker named the brand name of a self-produced movement has
been, Omega has usually been adhering towards the origin from the brand s pioneering spirit, the continuous pursuit of excellence and
innovation in watchmaking technologies, exploration of coaxial technologies precisely this spirit ideal embodiment from the revolutionary
coaxial escapement resolve lubrication issues plagued much more than two centuries of watchmaking, known as a significant innovation
within the field of mechanical Replica watches in 1999, Omega the the coaxial movement industrialized production, much more than ten years, we've
by no means stopped coaxial technologies R D, the distinctive coaxial technologies applied to brand all watch series. now, we
substantially all Most mechanical Replica watches are equipped having a coaxial escapement method, and also the Omega watch precision and
reliability upgrade towards the new regular following mechanical watchmaking can not envision.
Activities on-site, the Omega item management individual in charge Qi Silin clarify in detail the principle of operation from the
mechanical watch movement power transfer because the the movement most crucial a part of the significance from the escapement, rolex diamond dial and share
the Omega with axis escapement method development trajectory. Following the conference, Mr. Qi Silin also led the guests visited the
Quest · coaxial exhibition situated on Hayes Swatch Art Peace Hotel.
Omega International CEO Ouke Wah (left), omega replica swiss the individual in charge from the item management Gregory Qisi Lin (correct) to interact using
the honored guests
The exhibition is divided into 4 regions, Omega enthusiasts and watch connoisseurs from within the Introduction to Coaxial development
Memorabilia comprehend the the coaxial technologies development trajectory can comprehend the coaxial escapement and silicon hairspring
every language navigation types of technical particulars. Omega coaxial 3D holographic pictures subsequent towards the watchmaker s
workbench, much more visually presents extraordinary coaxial technologies and silicon hairspring. Swiss watchmaker also the scene from
the demonstration, display the the exclusive Omega coaxial escapement implication complicated technologies and exquisite watchmaking
Omega International CEO Ouke China (second from left), vice president of Omega Far East sales and travel retail company, Carlos Cardenas
Omega Yang Hua, vice president of China (second from correct), Omega Item Management Division is accountable Gregory Qisi Lin (correct),
watchmaker Queen Maud Elad (prior to)
Coaxial legendary road
Coaxial escapement 250 years of sensible new escapement, it has epoch-making significance the Omega even on the planet when it comes to
the mechanical watchmaking. Distinguishes revolutionary escapement is the fact that: it isn't a conventional lever escapement method
improvement and perfection, but With extremely various double escapement wheel structure fundamentally alter a mechanical movement from
the power transmission technique. Friction is among the greatest enemies from the mechanical watch, the the coaxial escapement most
substantial innovation benefit is the fact that it significantly reduces friction within the movement, which bring much more long-lasting
superior overall performance to go watch.
Following the launch from the initial Co-Axial caliber 1999, Omega coaxial around the road continuously discover, optimize the structure
from the coaxial escapement method improvements, rolex 115200 the very first double-coaxial escapement wheel three-tier coaxial escapement vertical
wheel, and vanguard technologies to reduce friction within the movement, creating the overall performance from the Omega coaxial watch
much more extraordinary.
The reside demonstration from the watchmaker Omega coaxial escapement assembly procedure
In 2007, the grand launch of Omega equipped with coaxial escapement 8500/8501 self-produced movement. This really is a step within the
Omega coaxial innovation most impressive around the road. Omega initial about the coaxial escapement method style for the whole movement,
and every from the much more than 200 elements are to be able to the new movement by Omega to style and create. Meanwhile, the
manufacturing procedure from the two movements are optimized, prepared for series production. For Omega, launched the very first
self-produced coaxial movement is really a return towards the origin from the brand: Actually, a item known as Omega sequence Omega brand
name comes from its personal production in 1894 production of movement. Coaxial movement was born in 8500, marking the list from the
Swiss watch manufacturer Omega once more return to its personal style and production of distinctive movement.
Recalling the development path of Omega achieved coaxial coaxial movement, elements, watch the display,
Subsequently, specially developed for little size watch Co-Axial caliber 8520/8521, 8601/8611 coaxial movement with instantaneous jump
calendar function, 9300/9301 coaxial chronograph movement using the Sunday calendar display and instantaneous jump coaxial movement from
the functions from the 8602/8612 and 8605/8615 coaxial movement with GMT function following an additional, the Omega family members of
self-produced coaxial movement has grown in strength.
Inventor of coaxial escapement Omega coaxial development path is confirmed, the British master watchmaker George? Daniel s prophecy:
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